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Information Systems

For all questions, respond with at least a page single spaced, or two pages double spaced. Be sure to support your response to all questions with references from the literature making appropriate use of quotes. for all direct citations/.
1. (25 points) Respond to the following question: Discuss the criteria that should be used to make a project selection decision. Briefly describe the project used as basis for your discussion. (You may use the criteria and reference material used when deciding your group project topic selection. You may use the same kind of criteria and material used for any other project selection that you are familiar with from past experience or based on past literature reviews.)
2. (25 points) Respond to the following question: Discuss the relationship among scope and schedule; and, the resulting implications for Project Management. Hint: Refer to Time Management
3. (25 points) Respond to the following question: What purpose does it serve to plan for scope and schedule once the project team begins to execute the project? Hint: Refer to Change Management
4. (25 points) Respond to the following question: What is a Project Management Project Plan (PMPP)? Discuss the typical components of PMPP. What is the WBS? Discuss the criteria you would use to arrive at a WBS. You may base your response on the project described in Question 1.
5. Complete the following: Responses to this examination are my own work. If I used data, ideas, words, diagrams, pictures, or other information from any source, I have cited the sources fully and completely in footnotes and bibliography entries. This includes sources which I have quoted or paraphrased. In adding my name following the word ‘Signature’, I intend that this certification will have the same authority and authenticity as a document executed with my hand-written signature.

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